Napa Retreat – April 2015

In April 2015, we held an awesome running retreat in Napa.

The retreat began at the Vino Bello Resort where we gathered for dinner and introductions. Before heading off to sleep, we had a light runners yoga session with Reba Gray.

On day 2 in Napa we started with poolside yoga in the morning. Then we ran along the Napa River trail, finishing in downtown with stretches, core exercises and a tasty lunch at Ca Momi in the Oxbow Public Market. After lounging at the pool in the afternoon, we continued with yoga in a quiet greenspace and then talked with our Coach Magda Boulet. Then we cleaned up and met at the wine tasting cave at the hotel and finished with a group dinner.

On day 3 of our retreat we had beautiful weather. We began with morning yoga with Reba and then headed to Skyline Wilderness Park where we hydrated and ran with Coach Magdalena Boulet up to Lake Marie. The lake was a hidden surprise after about 800 feet of elevation gain. We split into two groups for the return, one on Skyline trail and one on Buckeye. Both trails were technical, single-track. Back at the meeting point we hydrated, stretched, did core exercises and talked with Coach Magda. We then headed over to Gott’s at Oxbow for a well-deserved and tasty lunch (everything from a cookies’n’cream post-run refuel to a kale/romaine salad). After lunch we headed our separate ways, energized and replenished from a weekend of running, yoga, cameraderie, and healthy, local cuisine.

Pre-Run on Day 2


Post-Run Lunch at Ca Momi on Day 2


Afternoon yoga on Day 2



Wine Tasting on Day 2


Dinner on Day 2


Highlights from the Skyline Wilderness Park on Day 3





Lake Marie (Day 3)









Post-run refreshments and coaching with Magda Boulet on Day 3